According to the British media, "Sun newspaper" reported that Manchester United star Pogba recently suffered a bother thing, because refused to give the fans signature, he was almost in the restaurant with people fight, the restaurant manager eventually had to call the police to quell this thing.Fussball trikots kaufen,good quality, fast delivery and more discounts.

"The Sun newspaper" said, the local time on Monday night, Pogba came to an Indian restaurant with his friends. When saw the arrival of Manchester United players, some people take pictures, some people still want to get Pogba's signature, Pogba is enjoying the private time and feel some unhappy, but he politely refused this request. Then the crowd immediately angry, Pogba was pushed to the corner, both sides almost had the physical conflict, fortunately the restaurant staff in time to stop this. Classic Pogba Fußballtrikot, the new starter direct online store.

The witnesses said: "This group of people felt anger because Pogba refused to take the request of signature, but Pogba obviously want to enjoy a quiet meal with his friends,He was uncomfortable with being onlookers, if not to be stopped quickly, may become group fights, and as the world 's most expensive player, Pogba' s it 's easy to be the target of those who want to show themselves off, and I think he' s doing well on it.

Manchester police also confirmed that local time at 11:40 pm received a warning, a restaurant riots, when the police arrived, the people involved in the riots have gone.If you need to buy the Pogba Trikot Kinder, you can search for relevant keywords on our website.

Pogba refused to signature to cause trouble

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